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The Center offers a certificate program for Nonprofit Management. These courses, based on Duke and Indiana Universities’ successful programs, will provide you with the fundamentals you need to build your skills in nonprofit management. These workshops are affordable, informative, entertaining and rewarding. This is a wonderful way to advance your understanding of nonprofits, add to your resume and learn valuable information you can implement immediately following each presentation to improve your organization and maximize success. We hope our program supports your professional development plan!

For the Certificate Brochure  click here.

  • You must apply. Applicants are required to have completed 12 hours of eligible workshops through The Center in the last calendar year to be eligible for the program. These 12 hours count towards the total 60 hours required to earn a certificate.
  • During the next 24 months you will complete an additional 48 hours (totaling 60 hours) of  courses from among the tracks offered by The Center for Nonprofit Resources over a two-year (24 month) period.  The six tracks are: (1) Board Governance, (2) Fundraising, (3) Financial Management, (4) Leadership and Human Resources, (5) Organizational Management (Evaluation & Continuous Improvement) and (6) Marketing and Social Media. Technology content is also covered and overlaps with the other content areas. You simply register and pay online for any of those classes The Center offers that you would like to attend. The Center will keep track of the workshop hours you attend.
  • When you have completed 60 hours of workshop classes (with a minimum of one in each track), you will be notified that you have completed the requirements and you will receive your Nonprofit Management Certificate! This will typically be awarded to you at the close of the workshop at which you’ve reached 60 hours.

To earn your Certificate:

If you haven’t yet reached 60 hours at the end of a calendar year, the hours you have earned will carry over into the next calendar year and continue to accumulate over the 24-month timeframe allowed.

If you are unable to complete the certificate within 24-months, you may apply for a 12-month extension. Extension applications will be reviewed and approval is subject to the review committee’s discretion.

If while you are working on your certificate your circumstances change (ex. moving to another area, changing jobs, etc.) and you are no longer able to pursue your certificate, notify The Center and we will suspend your account. This allows you to keep all of the hours you have completed. Accounts can be suspended for up to three years. Once your account has been suspended for three years it will be retired. Accounts can only be suspended once. To re-­activate your account, simply register for another course and inform The Center that you would like to reactivate your account. You will be given 12 months to complete your certificate from the date of re-activation.

There are no additional fees charged for being a part of this certificate program. The cost of workshop registrations for 60 hours ranges between $750 and $800.

Click here for the Manual on The Center’s Nonprofit Management Certificate Program.

If you enrolled in the Nonprofit Management Certificate Program prior to March 1, 2017, contact us at to learn more about your current status.

Only courses designated as applicable for the Certificate will count toward the 60 hours (see individual workshop descriptions). That does not include First Steps Getting Ready to Write Grants but does include other grant writing courses.  Content courses vary in cost from $40-$75, depending on the speaker and number of hours earned.

If you have any questions, please contact The Center at (419) 241-9513 or

As a special incentive to continue your nonprofit management education, Lourdes University will transfer your Nonprofit Management fundraising hours earned into their Masters of Leadership program. 

For a list of Professional Development workshops by core content , click here.